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Here at CALIFORNIA CORGI'S in PARADISE we like to take some time to get to know our new puppy parents, either via phone call or texting. We like to hear all about you and where the puppy will be living. We like to make sure you understand about the ongoing need for vet care, to include vaccinations , deworming, and other on going care needs. We like to know you will continue on with a high quality feeding program for your new fur baby. And that you will help support your puppy/dogs health and immune system with the use of NUVET nutritional supplement. Also that you have a plan for training, we like crate training and would encourage you in that direction. Basic obedience training is a very important foundation for your new puppies happiness and well being.  In other words we like to know that each puppy is going into a new home where they will be well cared for and be part of the family.

After having spent some time talking with you we will be open to accepting a deposit for one of our current or upcoming litters.

Deposits can be moved to the next litter to ensure you are able to pick the puppy of your dreams

Deposits are generally paid via VENMO or PAYPAL 

non-refundable $300.00 deposit

pricing for 2023

Puppy purchase price is $2800 for standard coat

 $3500 for Fluffy coat

AKC limited registration

(FULL REGISTRATION and PRICING approved on a individual basis )


 to be paid in cash at time of puppy pickup



Lets talk a little about what you might expect if you are placing a deposit for a upcoming litter. 

Deposits are kept in order of the date received, and the options for picking a puppy out of a litter is based on when deposit was placed and what that depoist is for in regards to gender and color. When a litter is born I notify the upcoming puppy parents of the new arrivals, after puppies are a few weeks old we begin posting pics on our FaceBook page CORIGS IN PARADISE we will also send out family photos of the litter to each of you. When the puppies are 5 - 6 weeks old we begin the process of sending out individual pics of the puppies to each person with deposits  in place, in order of when deposit was placed and color gender preference.

 At that time you will have the option to pick your puppy via photos or wait for the next litter. After picks have been made I will start posting updates with pics or videos on FACEBOOK so you will have a on going opportunity to follow along with your puppies growth and development 


Shipping is a option for people who may not have the time to make a long drive to pick up there new puppy. 

We have shipped many puppies and dogs over the years across the US and feel very comfortable offering that as a option to my new puppy parents . A excellent option is a flight nanny that will carry your puppy on the plane , this costs a little more , but well worth it.

Depending on the time of year there maybe some restrictions to be aware of .

Guesstimated shipping costs are $450.-$600 

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